English info

Tennisclub PST (Plantage Speelt Tennis – Plantage Plays Tennis) is a neighbourhood club. Only residents of the Plantage area shown on the map above can be members and only members are allowed to play on the courts.
It’s not possible to rent courts by the hour or any other way. It’s also not allowed to play on the courts as a friend of a member.

If you live in the indicated area you can apply to become a member. However, a waiting list applies and it may take up to a few years before you can actually become a member.
The senior membership fee is set at 100 euros per year. Application costs are 25 euros, to be payed by bank on account number NL66 INGB 0009518994, to “Tennisvereniging PST” noting “application” and your name. Here’s the senior’s application form. It’s in Dutch.

Junior players (up to and including the age of 17) need to apply for themselves as well. A separate waiting list applies. Junior players are not allowed to play on their own, but have to take lessons or be accompanied by a senior member. New junior members are only admitted if there are lessons available. After the application is approved, youth players will be contacted by the Youth Commission in due time. They can be reached on this email address. You will find more information in Dutch here. Junior yearly membership fees are set at 50 euros. Here you will find the youth application form. It’s in Dutch.

If you have other questions, please send an email to ledenadministratie@tennisclubpst.nl.